Handmade Shaker Bow Shaped Dining Table


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Shape of Top
L x W
Cherry Walnut
Bow-shaped 72” x 38” $3,300 $3,600
Bow-shaped 84” x 42” $3,600 $3,900
Rectangular 72” x 36” $3,100 $3,400
Rectangular 84” x 42” $3,400 $3,700

This handmade Shaker bow-shaped dining table was inspired by a couple from Boston who wanted a simple yet elegant design that set itself apart from the standard rectangular dining table.  Voilà–the bow-shaped Shaker dining table was born.  It is very similar in size and shape to my Cherry Shaker Trestle Table.

The table is available in cherry or walnut hardwood in either a bow-shaped or a more traditional rectangular-shaped top.

Joinery/Construction Details: The aprons of the base are made from carefully selected hardwoods and joined to the tapered legs with traditional mortise and tenon joinery, and then pegged to ensure supreme strength within the base.

The top is made from carefully hand-selected cherry or walnut hardwoods and milled to one inch thickness.

Finish: Hand-rubbed nut oils or lacquered for heavy use.

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