Structure and sawdust

This is my first-ever blog post. I knew that my past life as an English major would come in handy at some point!

Today I was immersed in two very different stages of the furniture making process. Milling out 7′ long cherry boards for a trestle-style conference table produced an enormous quantity of sawdust. I’m glad to be able to pass this material on for others to use–my wife mulches her garden paths with it, and a neighbor appreciates its absorptive properties on the floor of his food processing facility.

As the individual boards began to approach their final dimensions, I was able to roughly layout the table top for the first time. Struck by the sheer mass of the solid hardwood top, I decided to re-evaluate my trestle base design. I cut out a plywood template and used this to determine the stress points, curvature and exact joint dimensions. I beefed it up a little from the spec that I quoted on, just to be certain that it had the strength needed to last long term. pd

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