Old Lyme Bed – a Custom Order for a CT Customer

Wooden Colonial Bed Handmade in VermontI recently delivered a bed to Connecticut for a family which has ordered multiple pieces over the years. This bed is similar in design to another piece they ordered previously. The destination for this new piece was a room with amazing views. The client desired to elevate the bedstead this time so that they could have an unobstructed view of the ocean.  This required is a departure from my typical design. The height of the headboard posts are 48″ to accommodate a  headboard that is 20″ in height. This increase in height gives the piece more weight, and provides more surface to display the grain of the wood.

If you are wondering about this bed’s name, it is named for Old Lyme CT, one of the earliest settlements in New England, located at the mouth of the Connecticut River as it enters Long Island Sound. The furniture styles from the early colonial days of New England continue to influence the design of new pieces commissioned for homes in the area. We pay tribute to that history with the naming of the bed and with the lines which evoke the earliest designs of four poster beds in colonial America.

As a result of this original custom order, it now joins the rest of my collection as an option for anyone to request. Just give me a call!

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