The Hunt for the Perfect Desk Design

Desk design matters because a desk is more than a piece of furniture. Some desks are the place where their owner will spend a third of his or her life making a living. Others are creative spaces where novels are written, works of art are designed, and songs are composed.

With all of these responsibilities, your desk plays a vital role in your life. A bad one will make every day harder. If yours is anything less than exactly what you need, then the hunt for the perfect desk design must begin.


You’ve taken the time and money to get a house with a view, you’ve painted the walls your favorite color, and you mow your lawn and wash your car religiously—but every day, you sit down to work at a desk made of compressed wood pulp and plastic. It greets you every morning with all the inviting warmth of Alcatraz.

If you wonder why you lose all of your ambition the moment you sit down to work each morning, this could be the answer.

Consider switching to a cherry computer desk or walnut stand-up writing desk. One of these beautiful hardwoods will make your workplace warmer and more attractive. It will even feel more pleasant to the touch. Instead of feeling like you’re sitting in the jaws of a trap, you’ll start to feel like your desk is a second home.


You need the desk design that’s right for your job. Most people need something primarily designed to work with computers, so a computer desk is the obvious choice.

Those who need loads of storage and plenty of space to spread out should consider a classic secretary desk. These desks feature a large working surface, drawers, shelves, cabinets, and enough bookshelves to keep a small reference library in arm’s reach.

If you want a writing desk that’s easy to transport, consider one with a removable top. I build stand-up writing desks that include this feature. In addition to helping you move the desk, it allows you to place it on tables so it will stand at a different height.

Health Concerns

Everyone knows that their work has a huge impact on their physical and mental health—but few stop to consider their workspace.

Your environment will always have a major effect on you. To maximize your effectiveness and happiness at work, you need to take into account everything from sunlight levels to desk design.

You don’t need to believe in feng shui to take this seriously. Researchers are starting to look carefully at the way workspace design affects health. Doctors have debated this topic in centuries past, and I believe it will soon become a major issue for scientific discussion.

On top of design and appearance possibly affecting mood and efficiency, there are concrete health issues. Sitting too much and using poor ergonomics can wreak havoc on your body. See my thoughts on ergonomic standing desks to learn more.

With the perfect desk, I’m sure you’ll feel healthier, happier, and more productive. Get in touch and we’ll start looking for the design that’s right for you today.

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