Handmade Shaker Drop Leaf Harvest Dining Table

A handcrafted dining table is often one of the first pieces a new client will choose for their home. At Hawk Ridge Furniture we’re honored to create these places where important decisions will be made, meals will be shared and occasions celebrated. If there’s one particular handmade table that tugs at my heartstrings, it’s the simple Shaker-inspired drop leaf table pictured below.

Custom Harvest Dining Table in Cherry

The drop leaf table has been around for centuries. At Hawk Ridge we craft a piece with the highest quality Cherry wood in a simple, polished design, featuring the honorable addition of a time-tested rule joint in place of hinges, to raise and lower the leaves. And while considered an American classic, today’s economy of space has inspired a bit of new interest in the style. You’ll find a drop leaf table not just in grandmother’s kitchen or parlor, but in modern offices, hallways and family rooms where they serve as a console side or end table until duty calls. The convertible nature is a favorite of designers and decorators for apartment, cottage or studio living. It’s a favorite of clients who value flexibility and function in handcrafted home décor.

Custom Bow-Shaped Harvest Dining TableBow-Shaped Harvest Dining Table in Cherry


And we couldn’t do this multi-functional beauty justice without a moment of focus on the tricky joint itself. A rather difficult one to master, Paul’s got it down. He makes sure the table top and the leaves are an exact match in thickness. He designs a perfectly sculpted fillet and radius (above right) and shapes the cove of the leaf to rest smoothly atop the radius’ arc when it’s engaged, bringing the edges to a perfect match. No cookie crumbs sneaking in! The craftsmanship and brilliance of the rule joint drop leaf table produces an heirloom piece that will withstand the hustle and bustle of daily life with classic and simple beauty. Handcrafted with purpose in the Vermont workshop of Hawk Ridge Furniture.

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