The Ergonomic Benefits of a Stand-Up Desk

Handmade Cherry Stand Up Writing DeskAs technology seeps deeper into our daily lives, we all find ourselves spending more and more time at our desks. Many people have to spend the better part of their waking hours at a keyboard. Even I have to put in my share of time at the computer every day.

Unfortunately, the average mass-produced desk is a health problem waiting to happen, for two reasons:

  1. People simply aren’t meant to stay seated for hours at a time. Spending your whole day in a chair can force you to buy a bigger belt, of course—but it also increases your risk for all sorts of problems, possibly even cancer.
  2. We’re all different. Something built by machines to match generic dimensions won’t meet your unique needs, and a desk that doesn’t match your height could put you at a greater risk of repetitive motion injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome.

A standing desk solves both of these problems—if it’s either adjustable or designed specifically for you. That said, adjustable and customized desks are hardly equals.
Standing Writing Desk in Walnut

Adjustable vs. Customized

An adjustable desk will solve the health issues that come with a sitting desk or a generic fixed-height standing desk. However, adjustable desks bring their own set of problems.

For one, the moving metal parts sacrifice any attempt at beauty for sheer functionality. Many of these desks also feature cranks that stick out into the air. All in all, they look like the furniture equivalent of a headless chicken.

Additionally, most are rickety things. The more weight-bearing moving parts you have, the less durable something becomes. Your average adjustable standing desk probably won’t last for a decade, let alone the rest of your life.

A customized desk has no weight-bearing moving parts, making it much more durable. Better yet, it brings the warmth and simplicity of wooden furniture into your home. Why surround yourself with metal and plastic when you could have cherry and walnut?

Customization also offers better ergonomics than an adjustable desk. You can’t always set an adjustable desk to your exact height, meaning you might have to stand on a book. A handcrafted standing desk will match your height precisely.

Get one that’s built to match your home, your tastes, and yourself, and you’ll have a family heirloom instead of an eyesore.
Ergonomic Custom Standing Computer Desk

My Approach to Handcrafting Ergonomic Standing Desks

In Vermont, we believe in taking our time to do something right. I build a standing desk the way a tailor makes a suit—to match how tall you are, the things you plan to use it for, and your sense of style. You can read more about handmade stand-up writing desks, the information I’ll need, and the available customizations, on my products page.

In the end, you’ll receive a handcrafted standing desk that solves problems instead of creating them—something durable, beautiful, and just as unique as you.

Don’t waste another day sitting around. Click here to contact Paul about building your ergonomic standing desk and start working towards better health and a more elegant home today.

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