Custom standing desks: return to being active at work

Stand-up desks were popular fixtures in homes and offices two and three centuries ago.  Like so many designs, these tall desks are back in high demand. Most of the products on the market are high-tech, adjustable and – to be honest – ugly pieces of furniture. In their quest to be one-size fits all, the commercial manufacturers have given customers very few choices.

Inspired by a desire to be more active, individuals have come to us to order a stand-up desk that is customized just for them. Our expertise is designing writing desks and computer desks that suit the unique demands of particular tasks with comforts that address the ergonomic requirements of the individual.  The width and angle of the desktop is dictated by the task, while the height must reflect the point at which the user’s hands are in a comfortable position to write, type, or engage in some other creative task.  All our standing desks include a foot rail to allow the user to alter his or her stance and reduce fatigue.

Some of the questions we ask during the design process:

  • What is influencing your decision to stand at your desk?
  • What’s the primary task at this desk?
  • What is the height where your hands are comfortably placed for that task?
  • How tall are you?
  • Will you use a laptop on this surface?
  • How about a monitor?
  • Is the keyboard wired or wireless?
  • Would you like a drawer?
  • Would a hinged surface work for you?

We can incorporate a deeper, flat area behind a hinged lid for folks who plan to use a large monitor or iMac but also want the hidden storage of a lift-top surface. A keyboard drawer or tray can also be included to allow the hand-height to be lower and the monitor to be a bit higher.  If only a laptop will be used, ergonomics will dictate that the overall height will be a bit lower than you might expect.

One of the especially useful aspects of a Hawk Ridge standing desk is that it has two components: the surface of the desk and the frame on which it rests. This harkens back to Federal designs and even the portable writing desks that were popular when trains were the main mode of transportation. That allows the owner to move the surface of the desk to another location if desired – and makes shipping easier as well.

The health benefits of standing while working have been documented in dozens of studies and articles in the past few years. Our customers have stated that standing at their desk lifts their spirits – it leaves them energized rather than tense from sitting.

Customers select Hawk Ridge Furniture when they’re looking for an heirloom-quality standing desk that is a stunningly beautiful addition to their workspace at home or office, not just another high-tech gadget. We find it rewarding to build a desk for someone who will be using it for a long time because it has been customized just for them.

Get in touch with Paul to place an order for your own!

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