Bed Construction

Bed Construction, General:

Platform:  The platform is a critical element of a bed because it provides equalized support for the mattress.  All of our beds are “platform-ready”.  Our platforms are constructed by placing a 3/4″ slat vertically between two 5/8″ pieces of Baltic Birch plywood.  Known as “honeycomb construction”, this is one of the strongest platforms available.  Platforms come in three equal-sized pieces for each bed.

Hardware:  7/16″ X 6″ bed bolts from Horton Brass connect the bed posts to the rails, providing lasting strength.  Bed bolt hardware is concealed with antique brass covers which function as an attractive accent.

Joinery:  All bed posts and rails are mortised and tenoned together.

Mattress accommodation:  Because mattresses vary significantly in height, the position of the headboard is determined individually for each bed order.

Finish:  All of our beds receive a hand-rubbed oil finish, and are waxed to a beautiful luster.

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